We are all about friends & family

About us

Go2s is a private social network where you can connect with your most trusted family and friends (your Go2s) and discover how to extend your support network. Life becomes easier when you can reach out to someone you trust.

The trusted people around you are your best source for recommendations and assistance. By connecting you with thousands of other users trusted by the Go2s in your own network, Go2s shows you where you can grow your support system and ask for help when you need it. If you connect to 40 people on Go2s and each of them connects to 40 other people they trust, you now have access to 64,000 in your extended Go2s network.

A quick sign-up is all it takes for Go2s users to:

  • Have a safe place to get answers to sensitive and private questions
  • Assist loved ones with map sharing, audio calls, and video calls
  • Find trusted recommendations
  • Receive up-to-date, important alerts from public agencies and associations

Stronger with Go2s:

As adults, we have a role to support our lives, families, friends, and neighbors.  We ought to act as pillars for our communities and help the journey in betterment of humanity. The Go2s private social network focuses on you and the support system around you. Go2s provides you with the tools you need to create a safety net for your family and become a stronger foundation for your community.

The name Go2s comes from a common reference to “go to” people. We all have them — they are the sets of people we depend on and go to for answers, help, and advice. Our “Go2s” are the people we trust the most. They are our family members, best friends, neighbors, golf buddies, and co-workers.

The Go2s private social network allows you to connect with individuals as well as groups of people you are interested in and form new support systems.  Go2s groups are flexible and designed to allow members to become more effective in their activities and coordination.  Whether you’re a sport team coach or coordinating a golf outing, hiking trip, or a book club meeting, you can benefit from Go2s groups.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Go2s is a small team of conscientious, hardworking citizens on a journey to make the world a better place. We are comprised of engineers and entrepreneurs who are never satisfied with the status quo.

Go2s founders past include taking a 3-person garage-idea to a 30,000 client multi-national corporation, as well as turning a configuration control app to an enterprise software application installed around the globe. Go2s team’s past experiences and accomplishments, illuminates the path to our dream journey of future. Join us and come along!


Our Mission

“Create a trusted private social support network focused on personal, meaningful conversations and interactions.”

The Go2s team has built the first private social network that is focused on you, your interactions with your inner circle, your environment, and your extended social ecosystem. With trust at it’s core, the Go2s social network is designed to help its members be engaged, informed, and supported in a safe digital environment.

Core Values

  • Work with passion
  • Think globally
  • Lead with change
  • Deliver excellence
  • Be impactful

Our Manifesto

We stand by…the ideal that kindness and respect between people leads to a better world.

We believe…99.99% of the world is built on trust, and that life can be a lot easier if we have each other’s back.

We are committed to…connecting you to your network of closest and most trusted people, so you can focus on life’s meaningful interactions.


Go2s is very sensitive about protecting its members’ privacy. We have done our best to provide you with easy-to-use privacy settings to control who has access to your profile as well as who you would like to appear on your timeline.Unlike other social networks today, Go2s makes it simple and clear on how to set and control one’s privacy.  

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to protect your privacy:

  • Lock down your profile fields.
  • Review your privacy settings.

If you prefer a directory listing of your name only, you have the ability to lock down all of your profile. Any field left open not locked down will be visible by other Go2s users.

Here’s how we support privacy in Go2s:

  • We verify a user’s email or cell number when they sign up.
  • We allow users to choose a username that makes sense to them and their Go2s trusted network.
  • Each Go2s user has a profile where they can set their own privacy settings. Your Go2s connections can see only what you permit.
  • The sender’s contact information is verified to assure you of other people’s true identities when you receive notifications through Go2s.
  • Access to Go2s is password protected and Information exchanged through Go2s is encrypted by HTTPS.
  • We DO NOT share your personal information with advertisers or any third-party vendor.

To learn more about privacy, visit our Privacy FAQs, or read our complete Privacy Policy.


Go2s is dedicated to your safety by connecting you with people you trust. Using Go2s safety settings, you can limit your exposure to individuals, the members of your Go2s trusted network, or  groups of trusted people through “tagging” them. Alternatively, you can expand your interactions to your Go2s’ 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

Go2s offers you a safe social environment for those conversations and actions that need to be kept confidential or shared with a private audience. Go2s allows you to take care of things as needed, with the same level of privacy and confidence, as you would in person.

Go2s makes it possible for trusted people to support each other more efficiently.

Here’s how we keep you safe:

  • Every member of Go2s must verify their mobile number and email address.
  • Go2s relationships are not automatically reciprocal. When someone makes you their Go2s connection, they open their information to you, however unless you reciprocate the relationship and make them your Go2s connection, your information stays private and is not shared.
  • Go2s enables you to customize the level of information sharing, controlling with whom you share information.
  • Communications using Go2s are securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol.
  • Personal information is not shared with third-party advertisers.

For more on Go2s safety:

Access our Member Agreements and Privacy Policy.

Read our Safety FAQs.

Check our Verification FAQS.