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See What Makes Go2s Different

Go2s is built on the belief that people can benefit from free apps and maintain control over their privacy and data. You should decide who sees your clicks, likes, and posts.

Start building a real online community with people you care about on Go2s. All of the same functionality you are used to (and more!) so you can do more of what matters.

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Connect meaningfully and freely

  • Go2s works on iOS and Android devices as well as your desktop
  • Set up Groups and easily manage conversation among different communities
  • Send and receive Posts without interference
  • Chat with one person or a group
  • Organize and share photos and videos in Albums


Control what you see and share

  • Choose how to interact with people in your network with Post Options
  • For Urgent message, reach your network in Go2s or via SMS and email
  • Decide who can access your timeline in My Settings
  • Mange ads with recommended Resources
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Collaborate easily with events and activities

  • Post Events on a Group Calendar
  • Create Signup Sheets to organize activities and volunteers
  • Relax and let automatic Reminders keep tasks on track
  • Upload frequently – used files and links to a Library
  • Gather feedback through Polls
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Call-Out Favorites

Call-out favorite places or services

  • Share Recommendations with the people you care about
  • Find Resources when you need them from trusted friends and family
  • Drop a Pin to let others in on off-the-grid finds