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The Secret Endangered Species

There’s an endangered species out there that are rapidly going extinct: privacy. Around the world, specimens are falling dead on site. Recovering this endangered species is nearly impossible at the rate we are going. By age 2, 90 percent of children have been featured on social media. Our children don’t get a fighting chance to preserve their own privacy. Once it’s gone, there is almost no way to get it back. It just becomes extinct.

Don’t Give up

Some will say, “So? Who cares if my Amazon Alexa heard my conversation with my husband about hardwood floors and now I see flooring advertisements everywhere I go online? Why does it matter if Facebook reads my boring private conversations?” At Go2s, we say that you should care! Social media sites farm our data and put our identities up for sale. We are their product. By signing away our personal information, we subject ourselves to being sold to constantly. We give permission for private and public entities to monitor our conversations and sell the contents to organizations that they may or may not be vetting for malignancy. How do you think it was possible for Russia to use a fake Facebook account to target instigating political ads to specific people during the 2016 U.S. presidential election? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more are free and easy – but they just might not be worth it. By using these sites, we sacrifice more than privacy. We give up more control over our lives than we realize.

Privacy Violations are Evasive

Privacy violations, more than just usurping an individual’s control over their life and decision-making, compromise the health of local businesses. For example, let’s pretend you own a delicious and popular sushi restaurant in your hometown. However, Blue Apron (a meal kit delivery company) is starting a sushi promotion to gain more customers in your area. They use data from social media sites to find out who all of your sushi-loving customers are and send them enticing promotions on the sushi meal-kits. Blue Apron signs up new customers, sends out the sushi meal-kits, and, consequently, you see a dip in your customers. You just never find out why.

Violators Attack You and Your Community

Privacy is an endangered species. Its impending extinction changes the way you live your life and it’s hurting your local economy. By using public social media sites, you are constantly broadcasting your personal information and behaviors. You might not be able to take back all of the private information you’ve already given away, but you can stop that broadcast at any time. Stop broadcasting yourself and start building a real online community with the people you care about on Go2s – a private community network. Go2s provides all of the same functionality you’re used to (and more!) so you can live life on your own terms. Log in and try it today – you just might save an endangered species.