News > The Go2s Team Expands for our Upcoming Brunswick, MD Launch

The Go2s Team Expands for our Upcoming Brunswick, MD Launch

Iyotee, Inc. the creator of Go2s private social network announces Brunswick, MD pilot launch preparation.  Go2s team has been busy adding new members to prepare for our Brunswick MD, pilot launch. With the May deadline fast approaching, we have expanded not only our team in Maryland, but also our worldwide development team. In March, we brought on board a launch project administrator, a marketing manager, a website designer/developer, and a Java application developer. Over the next few months we plan to add additional resources in Brunswick, MD to assist with community outreach and the coordination of launch activities.

Go2s team is working hard and is preparing to work hand-in-hand with Brunswick city agencies, businesses and the residents to develop Go2s as the private social network platform with a focus on trust and privacy. This pilot launch will be an exciting partnership between Brunswick and the Go2s team. There is a lot still to be done. To make the Go2s App a success we need to work closely with Brunswick GBACC and enable the community’s adoption of Go2s as their social network of choice. This process will take months of business development effort and Go2s team is committed to Brunswick to make it happen.

About Iyotee, Inc.

Iyotee, Inc. (Iyotee) is the leader in private social network since 2015.  Iyotees’ flagship product, Go2s is an interest-aware, trust-centric, private social network focused on creating a social platform that enables users to engage with their close friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, social groups, local agencies, businesses, and community. Go2s enables users to form their own private social network and enjoy the power of an expanding their trusted network through resource recommendations, help requests, searchable forums, posting, messaging, and audio/video capabilities. Go2s also provides private manual or automatic location sharing, as well as group chats. With Go2s you can reach Go2s’ Go2s (2nd degree) and even expand your audience to Go2s’s Go2s’ Go2s (3rd degree) to reach likeminded people connected with you through other friends and family members.