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The Best Tool for Parent-Caregiver Communication

If there’s anything that’s tantamount to the parent-caregiver relationship, it’s trust. And the best way to establish that trust is through consistent, honest communication. Parents appreciate transparency from daycares and babysitters. And, when caregivers provide transparency, the parents are often more open to communication. It’s a win-win situation. But, how do you build trust in today’s distracted world? Face-to-face is the best option, but it’s certainly not the most convenient. In fact, it’s often not possible. That’s where Go2s comes in.

Go2s is a private social network designed with making your life easier in mind. Unlike other social networks that are designed to make money by selling your time to advertisers, Go2s is focused on helping you build a secure network of trusted connections. It’s the perfect channel for communication between parents and caregivers like daycare employees or babysitters. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Immediate.

Go2s is a web app, meaning it’s available to use anywhere there is an internet connection. But, it’s also a mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices. So, if a caregiver employee sends an update in a private message to a parent on Go2s, that parent will receive a notification on their phone home screen alerting them to the update. Unlike emails or phone calls, which can often go unanswered during a parent’s busy workday, it’s easy for a parent to check Go2s notifications and discreetly respond without interrupting their day.

  1. It’s Private.

Go2s is a private social network, meaning posts and messages are just that – private. No one can see your content unless you want them to see it. If you send a parent a photo of their child having a blast at your daycare, for example, you can rest easy knowing that the photo will only be seen by that parent and whomever they decide to share it with. There’s no worry that the photo will accidentally be seen by someone else without the parent’s permission. You can use Go2s to share those special moments with confidence.

  1. It’s Safe.

Perhaps more than anything, Go2s focuses on its users’ safety. Unlike other social networks that sell user data to make money, Go2s protects its users’ data at all costs. So, none of the private messages between parents and caregivers will ever be leaked for the sake of profits.

 Good communication between parents and caregivers is essential to the safety of the child and the health of the parent-caregiver relationship. There’s no better place to foster that relationship than Go2s, where trust and safety are the first priority.