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Teaching the Digital Generation

Keeping kids on-task, responsible, and confident

Kids who are in school now are the first of many digital generations to come. Teachers today face many different challenges than those who came before them. They must compete for attention, and it can be a disappointingly losing battle against the shiny, glittery, all-engrossing smartphones. And, they must teach their students more than just how to use technology (i.e. create a Word document or share a PowerPoint on OneDrive) – they must teach them how to live with technology. The addictive nature of the internet and social media is a dangerous lure for the growing mind, and teachers have a huge impact on how much students let these influences rule their productivity and sense of self-worth. Here are some things to implement in your classroom to keep kids on-task, responsible, and confident.

Set boundaries

As they say, everything in moderation. Smartphones and tablets in the classroom are no exception. Your job is to educate your students and help them grow, not constantly vie for their attention. If you set and consistently enforce clear boundaries for when and where personal devices can be used in your classroom, you will be much less likely to compete against them. Express your expectations to your students on the first day of school and stick to them. Everyone in your classroom will thank you for it!

Be an example

Teaching in the classroom means you will undoubtedly be using technology in your lessons. There are so many ways to incorporate innovative technological activities, whether that’s having kids create podcasts, sharing a TED talk on the projector, or putting students to task on an Arduino Of course, you want to be knowledgeable about any technology that you ask your students to use. But, you should also set an example for how to live in today’s advanced world. Make sure all of your personal social accounts model appropriate digital citizenship. Part of setting up your students for success is encouraging them to live a technologically healthy lifestyle.

Create a technology community

Your classroom community isn’t confined to the classroom. Not anymore. Put your theories about digital responsibility into practice by creating an online community for your students on Go2s. Go2s is a totally private, totally safe platform for creating and growing a community. Students can practice engaging in online debates, share content, organize events, and so much more. Give them the practice they’ll need to succeed!


Technology is a daunting presence in our world. It has become inextricably linked to, well, everything. By giving students the tools they need to control it, you can help them become responsible digital citizens and healthy individuals. By creating boundaries, setting an example, and giving students the opportunity to experiment with digital citizenship, you will be empowering them to make informed choices and ultimately become better for it.