Go2s allows public agencies to efficiently reach all the people in their community

How Go2s helps you communicate to the people you serve.

Public agencies use Go2s to alert people of breaking news or to let them know about events and activities. With Go2s, agencies can keep people in their community informed of local happenings whether they are at home, at work, or on the go.

There are up to five visitors for every resident in a metropolitan area, and visitors include commuters, tourists, family, and others. With that many more visitors than residents, we cannot rely on social networks focusing only on residents and neighborhoods to keep everyone informed. Go2s encompasses residents and allows your organization to extend its reach to visitors to keep everyone in the loop for news and information.

Go2s is the perfect tool for the city’s communications director or the local emergency response team.

Agency benefits:

Reach Everyone

You can reach not only residents, but everyone in your area including visitors, tourists, commuters, and other out of towners.

Get your message out faster

With Go2s, you can use our propagation network speed and agility to reach people in your area. When you contact people efficiently using Go2s, the digital word of mouth propagates at lightning speed.

Analyze results

Go2s collects real-time data, enabling agencies to determine the effectiveness of their communications. You can be more assured of your reach with Go2s’ analytics.