News > Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) Selects Go2s As Their Group Communications Platform 

Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) Selects Go2s As Their Group Communications Platform 

Brunswick, Md. – June 4, 2020 – Go2s announces a state-wide collaboration with the Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA), to use the Go2s community networking app with open-access design for frictionless, two-way communication with association members and their parent communities.

Go2s state-of-the-art, community-first social network allows members to create groups and use email to engage their social networks without downloading another app. Users can receive posts, make comments, download files, answer polls, view events, and submit RSVPs and signups without downloading and creating a Go2s account.  

Christina Peusch, the executive director at MSCCA, had been “looking for a way to increase private, daily communication with association members.” Like other dues-based organizations, MSCCA struggled to find an out-of-the-box solution that combined reliable information delivery with private, two-way communication for its stakeholders.  

Go2s, a Maryland-based tech startup, is dedicated to creating a free, private, community-driven social network powered by an innovative, opt-in advertising model that erases the need to share user data with advertisers. “Unlike Facebook and other public social networks that rely on the sale of your data to stay in business,” says Go2s co-founder Mehdi Tehranchi, “Go2s is a free platform with a core focus on privacy. We started Go2s in response to group organizers’ demands for a full-featured social network with greater policy control that makes group communication secure and productive.” 

With members across the state, MSCCA needs to bridge distances in geography and tech-savviness. “Child care is a diverse field representing programs with different needs. Go2s allows MSCCA to communicate multiple ways at once”, said MSCCA Executive Director, Christina Peusch. “In the same way, Go2s is also something that child care providers can feel confident using for family engagement, meeting parents where they are, be it email, text, web, or a mobile app.” 

Since adopting Go2s in February 2020, MSCCA has over 1,000 users benefiting from its ongoing group conversation. 

About iyotee inc./Go2s – Go2s is the leading community-first social network built on the belief that people can have a free networking app and still maintain control over their privacy. Go2s is the fastest-growing networking app for group organizers. For more information, visit www.go2s.com.  

About the Maryland State Child Care Association – MSCCA is the premier organization for the advancement of professional, licensed child care and learning centers in Maryland. MSCCA represents over four hundred child care centers with over 20,000 enrolled children. For more information, visit www.MSCCA.org.  


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