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Go2s goes Beta

Go2s is preparing to be a beta app.  What this means is that the application is getting to be full featured and ready for a controlled set of users to use it.  The users are going to be provided the beta app and we are going to engage with them to hear their comments, look for their ideas, and how we can improve the product.

We are still looking for a few brave users to sign up for Beta program.  So if you have already registered at www.go2s.com we thank you, but if you are interested just click on the button below and submit your email.  We cannot select everyone to be on our Beta program but we promise those that do, will be rewarded.

Here are some previews of the Go2s App:
1.   It will Run!!!
2.   It will walk you through your contact list and try to help you find your Go2s (the people that you depend on the most… you know mom, dad, husband, partner, superman, batman, etc.).
3. You can then select and invite those that are not part of Go2s to join Go2s – very important step…
4.   What’s even cooler, it will help you find the hidden resources that you have on your contact list.  That’s right, the plumber, the roofer, the doctor, and the landscaper.
5.   You can also add your recommendations for the vendors/resources you use.
6.   Last but not least, you can share your recommendations with your select Go2s contacts.

So please register and help us by giving Go2s a test drive and providing us feedback.

Go2s Team