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Brunswick Library Checks Out New Social Network

Brunswick, MD – July 24, 2018 –The Brunswick Library is the latest group to join Brunswick-based start-up iyotee, Inc.’s Go2s private social network. The Brunswick Library group will be focused on promoting branch-specific programs to its constituents. The Brunswick branch is the pilot Go2s group prior to possible adoption by the broader FCPL library system.

“Social media giants have been a pay-to-play model for years now,” said Alyssa Theodore, Go2s’ Brunswick Liaison, where only deep-pockets get their voices heard. Small businesses, non-profits, and government services are suffering. Go2s is a social network with a different model, one that starts by guaranteed delivery of every post, so that people will start to see what fantastic things are available at places like the Brunswick Library.”

Today’s library has evolved far beyond books. They are hubs for information and community building. They offer products from video streaming to game consoles to fishing poles, educational seminars from resume workshops to canning, and services like summer lunch programs and notaries, all for free.

Robin Goetz, Assistant Branch Manager and Children’s Supervisor at Brunswick Library, notes, “The Brunswick Library was excited to join Go2s because we have so many programs and resources for all ages that people don’t know about. Go2s offers us a way to share or ask for information quickly and directly from our community without wondering if our posts will be seen. I look forward to seeing Go2s expand as more and more Brunswick businesses and community members join.”

Join the Brunswick Library group on the Go2s network by going to www.go2s.com and signing up or by downloading the mobile app from iTumes or Google Play.


For more information:
Alyssa Theodore, Go2s Brunswick Liaison