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Holiday Travel Got You Down?

Whether you approach family gatherings during the holidays with rose-colored visions of tradition and togetherness or with teeth-gritting forbearance, we all share one wish: to not lose a fortune and our sanity just getting there. For the most part, we’re pretty savvy consumers. We know the high-volume travel days, we know to book early, and […]

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Is it Time to Hire a Tutor?

New school supplies don’t feel so new anymore, and that bright, shiny feeling that comes with the start of a new school year has worn down like our pencils. If your child’s academic performance has taken a downturn this year, it can be stressful trying to find the best method of assistance. Or, perhaps you […]

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Yes, I Got Your Message…Now What?

Smart phones give us a million ways to get information at all hours of the day. Our local elementary school has a web page, a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, an email newsletter, and text alerts. The same goes for the pediatrician’s office, my city government, and so on. There are a lot of apps […]

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3 Tips for More Treats than Tricks on Halloween

Halloween is the holiday that hinges between two seasons – the last vestiges of summer and the onset of Christmas everything. Despite being sandwiched, it is magical in its own right with costumes, candy, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. People of all ages relish the goofiness and spookiness that Halloween brings. But if you have kids […]

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Social Networks Skew News…and Your Worldview

Internet and social media have impacted our lives in many positive and not so positive ways. Manipulative information from unreliable sources has made its way into our social sphere and is here to stay. You may be spending hours and hours on Facebook every week, but ask yourself: what do you gain from it? We […]

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Social Media’s Role in Natural Disasters Can Be Better

Social media is probably wasting more of your time than it is preserving it. Sure – it’s nice to stay in touch with friends and have a place to catalog and share memories in photo albums. But, the time we spend on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram isn’t proportional to the degree of value […]

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