"Your trusted, private social network"

The Private Social Network

Go2s was founded on the idea that your trusted relationships and connections deserve a communication platform you can trust. With Go2s, your personal data will never be collected or monitored: you are in control of your posts and who sees them. Make announcements, hold discussions, check-in, or share recommendations comfortably and confidently with your trusted friends, family, groups, and real-life communities.

Say goodbye to juggling confusing group texts and chain emails. Go2s is the perfect home for messaging with your family, friends, or even your child’s sports team.

Conversations with the people you trust most should be on the platform you trust most. That’s why Go2s has been built with privacy and security in mind.

Be in-the-know about your friends and family’s favorite restaurants, contractors, and other businesses: trusted recommendations from the people you trust most.

About Go2s

Why Go2s

In a time with so many ways to communicate, somehow it seems like it’s more difficult than ever to organize and coordinate with the important groups you belong to. Some people prefer email, some text messaging, others social apps, the list goes on. No one has time to be on every single platform just to keep up with their group’s updates, but if you’re not, you run the risk of missing out on some important information.

With Go2s you can:

  • Securely ask important questions of the members of your trusted group
  • Consolidate your contacts or phonebook and reach out to any of your Go2s with just a tap
  • Receive up-to-date, important alerts from your communities and associations

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