News > Go2s Announces Open-Access in the Age of App Fatigue  

Go2s Announces Open-Access in the Age of App Fatigue  

Brunswick, Md. – Jan. 7, 2020 – iyotee inc. announces the introduction of a uniquely different type of community engagement app interface designed for people and groups that want more privacy, fewer ads, and fewer apps. 

The Go2s product development team announces the first release of Go2s Open Access, a community engagement social network interface that allows users to create groups with simple email lists and  allows group members a basic level of interaction without adopting the app. Users can receive posts via email, comment back, download files, answer polls, see events, submit rsvps, and sign up for tasks without downloading or creating another account on Go2s. 

Open Access allows group members to engage at varying levels of interest and access. Because content can be delivered and interacted with via email as well as in-app, users can fully participate without depending on an account. “Go2s was built for safe, productive, and representative social networking,” said iyotee inc. Founder Mehdi Tehranchi, “as the next step to help all communities collaborate, communicate, and connect with each other.” 

As the number of people resenting privacy violations and intrusive platforms grows, Go2s is focused on delivering what users want: a networking app with no fees, no data collection, and no unwanted ads, that makes group engagement easier and more flexible. Learn more about what makes Go2s different at www.go2s.com/features. 

About Go2s: Go2s is a completely free and private community engagement app that supports effective, intentional communication. Built on the belief that people can benefit from free apps and maintain control over their privacy and data, users decide who sees their clicks, likes, and posts and who advertises to them. For more information, visit www.go2s.com.


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Elaheh Eghbal, Director of Marketing  
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