Make private recommendations to your friends and family


Guiding Principles

Our mission is to build a private social network for your family and friends to be more aware and engaged, and to help you access the extended network of your trusted inner circle.

The Go2s private network is designed for people as they move farther into adulthood, when lives become more complicated and busy.

At Go2s, we realize that over time we tend to:

  • Assume more responsibilities for more people.
  • Contribute to our communities.
  • Develop deeper friendships and connections.
  • Appreciate and rely on other Go2s connections.

Remember, you connect with the people you are closest to using Go2s. It’s a trusted environment that fosters respect and kindness towards each other. As a Go2s user, it’s important to support your own Go2s and be a trustworthy connection. Using the platform maliciously may result in deletion of content, restriction of user access, or a permanent ban from the network at the discretion of the Go2s team.

Trust is Earned

Go2s is a private social network built around trust. When you post information or find information generated by people you trust, your life becomes a lot easier to manage. Unlike other private networks, where trust is based on inconsistent assumptions, like neighbors,Go2s allows you to define who you include in your network and the type of relationship you choose.

By making someone your Go2s connection, you are trusting that person and opening a secured and private channel to provide him or her with your information. Your Go2s connection may elect to reciprocate, opening his/her private secure channel to you, however, this reciprocation is optional and at that person’s discretion.

With the security and privacy provided through Go2s, people feel comfortable to ask for information, seek help, share locations, receive and provide recommendations, and more. You don’t need to deal with unwanted participants, unfamiliar neighbors, or fictitious friends.

In Network and Out of Network

The Go2s private network allows you to search for resources and recommendations in network and out of network.

When looking for resources recommendations, there are two choices: in-network and out-of-network. 

“In-network” enables you to look for recommendations from your Go2s trusted network. Your Go2s trusted network consists of your Go2s direct connections and their trusted connections.

“Out-of-network” allows you to search in Go2s for recommendations beyond your Go2s trusted network by including publicly accessible recommendations from outside of your trusted Go2s network.

Whether in-network or out-of-network, you can trace and identify the originator of the information and find how you are connected. Your knowledge and connection with the source provides you with a level of comfort about the information you are retrieving.

Degrees of Separation

Go2s Trusted Network consists of:

1. Your Go2s connections – aka 1st degree connections
2. Your Go2s’ Go2s connections – aka 2nd degree connections.
3. Your Go2s’, Go2s’, Go2s connections — aka 3rd degree connections.

One of the strongest aspects of the Go2s private social network is its ability to reach not only your direct connections, but also the people associated with them. You have access to information made available to you from Go2s members connected with  up to a 3rd degree of separation. Go2s allows you to search, engage, and extend your knowledge to the Go2s trusted network of people that are more than just individuals, they are trusted friends of your friends.
Your Go2s trusted network is a rich source to find information such as, who knows a great doctor. The Go2s network is a vast network of friends that expands exponentially.  If you create a Go2s network of 40 people and each of them has 40 trusted connections, by a third degree of separation, you have a network of 64,000 trusted people.
No matter where you are on the planet, you will have people you can trust through Go2s.