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Go2s Helps Preschools During Covid-19 Crisis: Trend Stands Out in Surge States

Parents of all school-age children face difficult circumstances this coming school year as a result of COVID-19, but parents of preschoolers will be especially challenged to find enrichment opportunities for their 2 to 5-year-olds.

Beginning in March, many preschool programs shut down as public schools closed. Before- and after-school and child care programs shifted gears to accommodate older children during the parts of the day normally reserved for morning and afternoon preschool. With most school districts opting for either an all- or semi-virtual class schedule this fall, the trend is likely to continue.

Rather than leave their young learners behind, preschool educators got creative. Teachers & program directors went online to share photos, files, and videos with students unable to attend in person, incorporating learning activities and encouraging messages into forums normally reserved for schedule updates and reminders.

Melissa Fullerton, Owner/Director of Joy Kids Learning Centers in Edgewater, Maryland, describes why she started using her private Go2s classroom groups to offer sing-alongs and story times online for her students. “This pandemic has changed the face of child care forever, but preschool children still need enrichment, play with a purpose, and exposure to new ideas and learning. Providing some distance learning activities for preschool children will allow families to supplement their child’s learning and keep their child on par developmentally.”

Nor are early childhood educators the only ones looking for support in incorporating online activities into their plans for fall learning. Nick Caruso, who heads the Go2sLearnAtHome team, shares some data. “We launched our forum to provide busy preschool educators with access to ready-to-implement, remote learning ideas. We were surprised to see as many parents as educators asking for access to the content. Especially where virus cases are surging—55% of our signups have come from California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. Parents are looking to online resources to keep their preschoolers on track for kindergarten.”

Access to the Go2sLearnAtHome preschool learning activities is available by going to https://www.go2s.com/group/Go2sLearnAtHome.

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