Go2s is a private social network designed to empower your best customers to become your advocates

Businesses today need to go a step further than setting up a home page on a social network and spend marketing dollars to bring traffic – businesses need to be part of their customers’ social fabric.

Whether you are a professional, individual contractor, a small business owner, or mid-size business with multiple locations, your customers are your best advocates. Go2s makes it simple for your customers to recommend, promote your products, and connect you to their social network.

Go2s is a private social network designed to be a complete resource pool for advice, recommendations, and latest news. Your customers can recommend you to their trusted friends and provide you with fresh new customers – all you have to do is to take care of your customers and ask them to recommend you on Go2s.

Find or set up your business page on Go2s and connect with the social network of your customers and realize the power of advocate marketing.

Business benefits:

Be validated by a trusted friend

People are more willing to work with businesses recommended by people they trust. Promoting your business inside the Go2s trusted private social network can help you attract new customers.

Engage with your customers in a safe environment

Customers are more likely to pay attention and respond to communications when they arrive through a private and secure social network.

Deliver value and share the wealth

Go2s Shoutout Promotions can reach your customers efficiently, making it easier for them to take action and share your offers with trusted connections.