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Are You Buying Into Instagram Influencers?

If you’re on Instagram, surely you’ve seen advertisements as you scroll down your feed. Sponsored posts often include banners that say “Learn More” or “Buy Now” and, when clicked, lead you to a website. Just like every other social media platform, Instagram is overrun with marketers doing their best to influence your decision making and […]

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Shop Local and Build Community

These days, it’s easier than ever to buy the things you need – perhaps even easier to buy the things you don’t need. In the age of technological convenience, we have a large number of ways to purchase something. Beyond the classic trip to the store, there is a growing list of methods for purchasing […]

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Can You Distinguish Real News from Fake News?

It’s likely that you are closely following news about the rescue of the Thai soccer team stuck in a cave. The crisis is so dangerous and so close to everyone’s hearts that the entire world is watching to see what will happen next. And when it comes to Americans, they are more than likely watching […]

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Managing Group Members Online

As the moderator of an online group, you are responsible for keeping group members informed on organization news and events, facilitating discussion, and more. It’s necessary to know your duties and have a plan when it comes to managing group members, whether they are neighbors in your homeowners association, parents of the school soccer team […]

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Top 5 Group Messaging Strategies

As a leader, whether you’re on your homeowners association board of directors, an organizer for your book club, or coach little league baseball, you need a way to communicate with the group you lead. How do you inform your group about meeting times, upcoming events and other announcements? What group messaging strategies keep your membership […]

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Managing A Group Online: The Ultimate Guide

Managing a group online can be tricky with so many different communication options available today. Between text messaging, email, Facebook, and more, it can get very confusing to know who is doing what when everyone is on a different platform. That’s why creating an online profile for your group can a powerful way to track […]

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