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Keeping Your Online Group Secure And Private

Do you manage an online group? If you’re a group administrator, the privacy and security of your group is a priority for you. Whether your organization’s members are exchanging information on upcoming events, trying to keep in touch, or using your group for sensitive data, there’s likely some information or member profiles that you’d like […]

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Social Media Does Not Serve Adults

There’s no question that adults use social platforms differently from younger users. Their motivations for using the platforms may be similar, but their methods of use are quite distinctive. While most kids under the age of eighteen haven’t even made a Facebook account, that’s the most-used network for most adults. Many high schoolers endlessly send […]

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How To Create And Curate Content For Your Group

You’ve finally found the perfect way to communicate with your group: A group message. Group messages are great for leaders of a neighborhood committee, sports team, or book club. They’re a wonderful way to keep members connected, updated, and reachable. But, what are you doing to keep them engaged? Group messages are only beneficial for […]

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The New Newsrooms

The decline in print journalism is well-documented. The follow-up question, where are people getting their news instead, demands just as much exploration. If they aren’t reading the morning paper over coffee and commutes, where are Americans most often getting their news and how are these new “newsrooms” adapting to the change? According to a Pew […]

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Disappearing Ink

Newspapers are in crisis. Advertising revenue is down (and therefore so are the funds available to put out printed pages and maintain up-to-the-minute websites). Print circulation has been declining for the past 25 years and even digital circulation for all but the biggest, national brands has fallen. Alt-weeklies and smaller regional papers began shutting down. at record […]

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The Best Apps to Coordinate Groups Online

Messaging platforms are meant to help groups get organized, make plans, and facilitate meaningful interactions. Depending on the group and the situation, utilizing other tools could also be helpful with anything like scheduling meeting times, arranging plans, and making decisions. If you’re a little league coach planning an away game for the team, a messaging […]

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