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Shop Local and Build Community

These days, it’s easier than ever to buy the things you need – perhaps even easier to buy the things you don’t need. In the age of technological convenience, we have a large number of ways to purchase something. Beyond the classic trip to the store, there is a growing list of methods for purchasing […]

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Title: Can You Distinguish Real News from Fake News?

It’s likely that you are closely following news about the rescue of the Thai soccer team stuck in a cave. The crisis is so dangerous and so close to everyone’s hearts that the entire world is watching to see what will happen next. And when it comes to Americans, they are more than likely watching […]

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Top 5 Group Messaging Strategies

As a leader, whether you’re on your homeowners association board of directors, an organizer for your book club, or coach little league baseball, you need a way to communicate with the group you lead. How do you inform your group about meeting times, upcoming events and other announcements? Updating your social media status with information […]

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Managing A Group Online: The Ultimate Guide

It can be hard to keep track of an entire group with so many different communication options available today. Between text messaging, email, Facebook, and more, it can get very confusing to know who is doing what when everyone is on a different platform. That’s why creating an online profile for your group can a […]

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The Privacy Crisis Has Us Paranoid

If the United States is the land of the free, why is everyone so paranoid? More than any other country, the U.S. has suffered from a massive collapse in public trust. This includes trust in anything from government, media, businesses, and even non-governmental organizations, according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer report. It is an […]

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What Is the GDPR and What Does It Mean for Me?

Recently you may have noticed a surge in emails or onsite notifications from web site and app administrators alerting you to updated terms of service and reminding you about privacy settings. This has left many people wondering, “Why this sudden outpouring of concern for my online safety and security?” After all, countless data breaches and […]

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