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How to Handle “Sharenting” at Day Care

Yes, sharenting is a real word being discussed by psychologists, pediatricians, lawyers, teachers, and day care providers. In the digital age, maintaining privacy is a challenge. And for kids growing up today, the concept of privacy might not even exist. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have enabled friends and families to stay connected […]

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When Sharing Memories Hurts Your Career

There are so many people sharing content online that you might feel like you just blend into the masses. Only your followers, if anyone, will really notice that political article you just shared in your Instagram story. Only your friends will be the ones who care about the funny photo you just had to post […]

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The Daycare Conundrum: Pickup Time

They say that having children is one of the greatest joys of the human life, but it is also perhaps one of the greatest logistical endeavors (especially if you have more than one!) Finding a balance between career and family, work and play, chores and adventures…these are immense challenges that parents face. That parenting work-life […]

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Tips For Choosing The Right Child Care Provider

Selecting a child care provider can be confusing and stressful for parents. This holds true whether a parent is new to child care or is a daycare veteran making a change. It’s never easy. However, there are ways to make more informed decisions that can reduce anxiety and lead to the best possible child care […]

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Go2s Introduced at Plug and Play

Mehdi Tehranchi could feel the warm California sun on his face as he approached the geometric building with sweeping lines and tiered balconies. Inside, it was even more impressive. Offices and co-working areas abounded, with many hallways and multiple floors to discover. Tehranchi approached a pair of men who were quietly speaking on a bench […]

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Choosing the Right Daycare

Bringing your child to a daycare center for the first time can be difficult. Many parents feel sad that they will be spending less time with their child and are oftentimes worried about whether or not they chose the right facility. If you will be facing this decision soon, you’re not alone. More families are […]

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