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Go2s: The Who, What, Why, Where & How

Brunswick, MD: The Right Community for Go2s At the heart of Go2s’ philosophy is a belief in the power of community. We know on a gut level (and the research confirms it) that we feel better as individuals when we feel connected to people, when we have a support network to share the good and […]

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Body Image Blues: The Harm of Constant Scrolling

How much time do you spend each day doing something that will make you like yourself less? It’s sort of a ridiculous question, but it’s worth asking. Another way to phrase it is, how much time do you spend each day on social media? A recent psychology study at the University of South Wales found […]

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Online harassment is a significant problem. The Pew Research Center’s Online Harassment 2017  report revealed that 41% of Americans have experienced online harassment and two-thirds (66%) have witnessed online harassment (which the poll defined as a spectrum of behaviors ranging from less severe—offensive name calling, purposeful embarrassment—to more severe behaviors such as physical threats, sustained […]

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Book Clubs

Reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself for a seemingly endless number of reasons. Reading makes your more knowledgeable, open-minded & creative . It expands your vocabulary, increases concentration, and protects your memory . It’s been shown to reduce stress and even to help us live longer . “This all sounds fantastic,” […]

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The Value of Volunteering

What’s the value of volunteering to a community? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is that volunteering spreads goodwill amongst people. Time is a precious resource we cannot replace, and donating it towards a worthy cause is a noble display of charity. Or, perhaps you thought about how volunteering helps people develop professional […]

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Keeping Your Online Group Secure And Private

Do you manage an online group? If you’re a group administrator, the privacy and security of your group is a priority for you. Whether your organization’s members are exchanging information on upcoming events, trying to keep in touch, or using your group for sensitive data, there’s likely some information or member profiles that you’d like […]

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