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Is “Less Talk. More Play.” Really How We Should Live?

Are we really benefiting? It’s the grand irony of our time: we are simultaneously more connected and more isolated than ever before. Our smartphones distract us from living in the moment and “protect” us from normal, everyday human interaction. Instead of chatting about the Super Bowl with the person next to us the checkout line […]

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Social Media Influencers Are Changing Children’s Diets

Influencers on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are called influencers for a reason. They have so many followers and so much power in online communities that they have the ability to sway the decisions people make. For that very reason, many companies hire these influencers to post online about certain products in order […]

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Are You a Victim of Attention Engineering?

There’s a reason social media is so popular. Of course, it keeps us connected to our friends and it’s a fun way to show the world who we are and what we’re doing. But, more than that, it’s addictive. Social media is biologically addictive. As we scroll, we hang on to the hope that the […]

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Social Media Regulations to Come?

Can you be an outlaw if there are no laws to break? Our digital world, in some ways, has become like the Wild Wild West. Social media companies face no substantial regulations across the globe, and as a result they have quickly monopolized the attention of individuals and the marketing budgets of small businesses. This […]

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How to Handle “Sharenting” at Day Care

Yes, sharenting is a real word being discussed by psychologists, pediatricians, lawyers, teachers, and day care providers. In the digital age, maintaining privacy is a challenge. And for kids growing up today, the concept of privacy might not even exist. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have enabled friends and families to stay connected […]

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When Sharing Memories Hurts Your Career

There are so many people sharing content online that you might feel like you just blend into the masses. Only your followers, if anyone, will really notice that political article you just shared in your Instagram story. Only your friends will be the ones who care about the funny photo you just had to post […]

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