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Springtime is filled with memory-making activities: Easter egg hunts, Mother’s Day brunches, graduations, Father’s Day BBQs, opening day on the Little League field…the list goes on. Most of us will be there with smart phones in hand, snapping away to capture every moment we can. But when it comes to showing these photos to loved […]

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The Problem with Public Platforms

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog lately, then you already know about Facebook trying to foster more meaningful interactions on their platform due to a misinformation scandal that put the social media giant under a microscope. In the latest news, Facebook’s attempt to rectify their role in spreading false information propagated by Russians […]

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Altruism isn’t unique to any one generation or culture. The famous “Golden Rule” (“Do to others what you want them to do to you”) was enshrined in the New Testament as a way of explaining centuries of ancient Jewish teachings. Other versions of the same “law” can be found in Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, and […]

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Are You Caught in the Crossfire of Informational Warfare?

If you’re on Facebook, then you certainly are. Back in 2014, a shady Russian company called the Internet Research Agency (IRA) tasked its roughly 80 employees with creating chaos in the discourse of the 2016 Presidential election. The IRA began accumulating large amounts of followers in online groups centered around controversial topics like religion and […]

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If you’ve ever marveled at the thousands and even millions of followers that some actors, politicians, professional athletes and other public figures have for their social media accounts, the New York Times has investigated a troubling trend showing that many of these followers were purchased. For pennies, you too can have your own acolytes to follow, […]

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The Hurdle Facebook Doesn’t See Coming

Social media giant Facebook is shifting their focus in 2018. After facing criticism for prioritizing businesses over individuals on their platform, the company is aiming to foster more meaningful interactions. This is a huge change from how they have been operating. Traditionally, Facebook has pushed users to spend as much time as possible on their […]

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